A propos du STU

Defending and Representing

Thanks to services proposed by STU in counsel, defence and representation, STU members may obtain information and have their voices heard on issues such as rotation/geographical mobility, employment contracts, promotions, recruitment, as well as safety and hygiene at the workplace.

The STU Secretariat and Executive Bureau may be consulted at any time and, if necessary, express and defend views of the staff they represent:

  • Within diverse management committees, such as Advisory Boards on Individual Personnel Matters (PAB) or the Appeals Board;
  • Before the Administration and in negotiations on issues that directly affect staff, such as policies relating to security or human resources;
  • Via the Federation of International Civil Servants’ Associations (FICSA) in United Nations interinstitutional bodies.

Supporting colleagues in difficulty

When colleagues are experiencing difficulties in their working relationships or conditions, STU may help by giving them advice, intervening with the Administration, writing on their names letters or requests, accompanying them in their administrative procedures or before the appeal bodies.

For 3 years, STU has been fighting for colleagues who are not staff members, in particular for those who are on long-term temporary contracts.

Addenda and oral interventions, General Conference and Executive Board

Chapter 9.2.E. of the UNESCO’s Human Resources Manual states:

7. Representative associations may make written comments on documents submitted by the Director-General to the General Conference or to the Executive Board when items on the provisional agenda of those bodies concern the terms of employment and working conditions of staff. To that end, those documents are communicated to the associations sufficiently early to enable them to draft their comments, which they submit to the Director-General as quickly as possible so that he/she may in turn prepare the observations that he/she considers necessary. The associations’ comments are published in the form of addenda to the relevant documents.

8. Representative associations may also submit their observations orally on matters concerning the terms of employment and working conditions of staff to the appropriate organs of the Executive Board and of the General Conference, subject to the prior agreement of those organs and within the time limits set by them. Requests to speak must be submitted, at least 48 hours before the time set for consideration of the item in question, to the Director-General, who transmits them to the organ concerned, together with any comments of his/her own. However, when such an item is included in the agenda after the deadline, the associations submit their request as soon as they learn of it.

Meet your representative

Our comprehensive suite of professionals caters to a diverse team, ranging from seasoned architects to renowned engineers.

16th Executive Bureau (April 2022 – March 2023)

Mr Philippe Pyepart


Mr Davide Storti

Secretary General

Ms Maria Helena Capelli Miguel

Elected Representative

Ms Amani El-Sheikh

Elected Representative

Ms Rosa M. Gonzalez

Elected Representative

Mr Simone Grego

Elected Representative

Mr Denis Pitzalis

Elected Representative

Mr Giovanni Scepi

Elected Representative

70th Council of STU (April 2022 – March 2024): Executive Bureau representatives plus

Ms Andrea Gisselle Burbano Fuertes


Mr Fadhel Douiri

Secretary General

Mr Joseph Kreidi

Elected Representative

Ms Claudine Mukizwa

Elected Representative

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