Give Us Your Feedback on the Mobility Exercise

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Dear Colleagues,

As we begin to navigate this year’s geographic mobility exercise, we would like to gather your feedback on the process. As Staff Associations, we are committed to ensuring that the mobility policy is implemented fairly, transparently and in line with point 5.10 of the Human Resources Manual. However, some of you have already noticed problems that may affect a number of staff members, related to issues such as:

  • The calculation of the Standard Duration of Assignment (SDA) as outlined in Appendix 4C of the Human Resources Manual item 5.10;
  • Discrepancies, contradictions or incomprehensible interpretations of information provided regarding deferments for children’s school inscription as outlined in HR Manual item 5.10 para 54(c), chosen pension date as outlined in HR Manual item 5.10 para 5(d), or other related matters;
  • Concerns or misunderstandings about the application of the mobility policy with regards to spousal status as outlined in HR Manual item 5.10 para 92;
  • Exclusion from the mobility exercise of certain vacancies, which have rather been announced in parallel for recruitment.

Your input is crucial in helping us identify any potential issues and ensure that the mobility process is fair and equitable for all staff members. Please feel free to share your experiences and concerns by contacting your Staff Association representative, or directly writing to or All feedback will be treated with utmost confidentiality and will be considered as we continue to monitor the implementation of the mobility exercise.

Thank you for your time and cooperation, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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