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STU Flash, 11 October 2022

STU Addendum to document 215 EX/5.IV.C

STU/70th Council/22/023
11 October 2022


215 EX/5 : Follow-up to decisions and resolutions adopted by the Executive Board
and the General Conference at their previous sessions

Part IV – Human Resources Issues


C. Report on the geographical distribution and gender balance




  1. STU welcomes the efforts and strategies that the Secretariat puts in place to improve overall geographical distribution of geographical posts, knowing that there still an unbalance.
  2. The STU recognizes the overall high percentage of Member States represented at UNESCO (79%) which makes the Organization “one of the agencies with the best rates” according to the Administration. In particular, the STU is pleased to note the increase in recruitments from under-represented countries: although the number remains substantially the same, the STU notes that 59% of appointments to geographical posts are from non and under-represented countries, in line with the set target.
  3. STU looks forward to the results of the Mid-level professionals programme (MLPP) pilot for the 2022–2023 and remains attentive to the underlying processes.
  4. Concerning the gender balance of staff, STU notes that the rate of women in posts at the Director level and above at UNESCO has gone down slightly from June 2021 from 44% to 42% instead of growing. UNESCO must continue to work for parity and to achieve staff gender balance.


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